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Print & Procurement

For years, Print management offered a complete service of print procurement and also, on the strength of their purchasing power, offered savings to the end user. However, as with everything, we believe the time has come to offer a totally new perspective.

In these times of economic recession and downturns in business, we believe that traditional print management companies are no longer able to quantify their savings. Several have now fallen by the wayside and many of the printers they traditionally used have been forced into administration or receivership and this means that margins are tighter than ever.

For nearly 30 years, we have been a very successful manufacturing printer, offering our tremendous customer base a full and complete management of all their printing requirements.

Quite simply, traditional print management companies broker all their print and spread it
around several printers, whereas we will print the bulk in house, maintaining tight quality controls and we will only broker what we are unable to produce in house which based on current client demand is around only 30% of their total spend.

In terms of cost, the main benefit of this is that you are only being subjected to one margin. With traditional print management you are paying two lots of margin…..the profit they put on top of the printers prices and of course the printers profits too.

For all items we have to broker we just add a very small handling fee to cover packing and admin.

We make our money as printers. The print procurement side is simply an extension of the service we offer our clients.