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The Team



Martin Horner - Managing Director

Martin founded the company having been an electrician working in the South Yorkshire coalfields. He is an avid Rotherham United fan and in typical Managing Director style keeps us all on our toes by asking the type of questions you don't want to be asked!!! He is still very hands on and is never shy at offering his opinion on anything company related.


Jeff Owen - Sales Director

Jeff has been in the print trade since the mid-eighties (yes, he really is that old) originally selling continuous print when dot matrix printers were the height of technology. He has now been with Rosehill for over 20 years and has seen massive changes in that time and seen the company grow and expand beyond recognition.

Jeff will always make time to visit and to speak to all our clients but when he does, please don’t get him onto his beloved golf otherwise you will never get rid of him!!


Christian Chadwick - Production Director

Christian has been with the company since 1992, starting as a fresh faced 18 year old Junior Designer in our Studio with zero print knowledge (like most designers!).

Christian gradually worked his way through every department taking on the roles of Senior Designer, Studio Manager and Production Manager, arriving at his current position as Production Director in 2003.  As you can imagine, with all this experience he obviously knows Rosehill inside out, so if there is anything you want to know about any aspect of our Production and Quality processes he’s the man to speak to.

Outside work his biggest passions are throwing himself down the side of mountains on a bike, occasionally forcing himself to watch Sheffield Wednesday and drinking copious amounts of Stella Artios.

These passions work well together…. He Mountain Bikes so he can drink more, and drinks more so he can bear watching Wednesday.

Sales & Admin


Rachel Woods - Sales Manager

Rachel started her career in print with Rosehill at the age of 21 and whilst you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s not a day over 22, she has actually been with us nearly 15 years now!  Having been our Sales Manager for the last 6 years she prides herself on building relationships centred around good service.  Many of you will have no doubt already met her over the years and for those of you that haven’t….well we will just wish you luck and call it an ‘experience’!!  Rach has 2 passions in life…wine and cats.  For your own sanity we suggest you don’t get her started on either!


Sarah Bowers - Account Handler

Sarah has been Rosehill Press for nearly 2 years now. She came to the company as new business development and then moved into the position of Key Account Handler, and prides herself on developing customer relationships with excellent service and a smile. Sarah enjoys baking and singing at the top of her voice as often as she can but thankfully not around the office. However much to our dismay, Sarah will be disappearing in May 2015 for a while to be knee deep in nappies, Lucky her!


Jade Burgess - Account Handler

Meet Jade.....the newest recruit to the Rosehill Sales Team.  Jade is the youngest (and definitely the loudest....earplugs at the ready!!) member of our team and has recently started her career in print with us....so be nice everyone this little lady is still learning! However, despite being new to the print industry, she boasts a fantastic experience in customer service having come to us from a very corporate environment so we have every confidence she will pander to your every need!


Philippa Plant - Sales Administrator

Philippa started her career in print with Rosehill at the beginning of 2013. Starting in admin and working closely with production, she is now an ‘all-rounder’ as she also works as Sales support. You will, more than likely, have spoken to her on the phone as she is one of the main points of contact. She has a great rapport with her customers and with this, builds great relationships. Although she may only be 5ft tall, her big voice and bubbly personality makes up for it. She loves dogs but her biggest passion is music. (Watch this space BGT and X-factor!!)


Larissa Bush - Sales Administrator

Larissa recently just joined us and is working alongside of Philippa with in the admin role, You possibly will have or will speak to Larissa over the phone or on email as she is one of our main points of contact. Larissa spends most of her time with her niece and nephews and getting her nails done, the office is never quiet with her around as she has a bubbly personality and could talk the back legs off a donkey!



Kim Lemons - Accounts

Kim has been with Rosehill for 22 years in an accounts capacity. She met her husband at Rosehill and they have been together now for 18 years – they were married in Las Vegas 7 years ago.  She has 2 step children and 2 step grand-daughters. Kim is an avid tennis fan, number one fan of Roger Federer!  She enjoys going to the theatre, particularly musical theatre, but her main “hobby” is travel – having travelled quite extensively, she is known as Judith Chalmers, if anyone is of an age to know who that is!!  

Design & Production


Darren Banner - Production Manager

Darren has been with Rosehill for over seven years. He started out on the “little press” and slowly worked his upwards from Printer to Supervisor to Print Manager and then on to Production Manager. Darren has got over 25 years experience in Print, so when it comes to putting ink on to paper, he really knows what he’s on about! Whether he’s setting up new processes, training staff or getting his scruffs on and getting on to the machines himself (This also includes repairing gearboxes at 3am on a Sunday morning!), you know your job is being looked after. Darren does have time away from work, which includes going to the Gym, DIY and trying to keep up with his 8yr old son.


Jon Ray - Production Coordinator

This is Jon he works down in the dark room, I mean the dark side! If you require anything just contact me but you might not return!


Stephen Creaven - 



Richard Spooner - Senior Designer 

Richard is a fairly new addition to our team of designers, he is easily identified by his rather questionable moustache. Rich is always happy to lend a helping hand, or two. Bringing to the table not only design knowledge but also a well founded print background. Always eager to get stuck in, wether it be with a challagning project in the Studio or a few pints at the weekend. All in all a very down to earth lad filled with banter and creative flair aswell as a strong passion for anything fast on four wheels!


Rebecca Paxford - Graphic Designer

As one of our new in-house designers Becca has been working in the print trade for 3 years after graduating in 2011. She has a strong passion for good design and loves taking on new challenging projects. Always on hand to help with any of your design needs Becca is dedicated to bringing you the best designs and working on projects until they are right for you. Becca loves travelling with a bucket list of places on her to do list but her favourite destination has to be Paris, as she got engaged there but don’t ask her anything about weddings as she may get a little hyper! Becca spends her free time looking after two rabbits and a tank full of fish as well as doing the odd cross stitch whilst her fiance is taking over the tv with his Playstation grr! 



Vicky Shaw - Graphic Designer

Vicky started working for Rosehill way back in 1991 as a 'Paste up Artist!' and is now a highly respected member of the studio/company. When not at work she is a mum of two girls who keep her very busy with their hobbies.